Remote Work is hard.

It doesn't have to be. You can develop the skills to make it work for you.

If the pandemic has shown you the power and potential of remote work, but you are struggling to make it work, this book can help.

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  • Separate work from your life in a healthy way.
  • Manage your mindset to combat loneliness and disconnection.
  • Keep in the loop work coworkers.
  • Build habits to be productive consistently and battle procrastination.
  • Manage expectations with your family.

You hear it so often it is a cliche, but your time with your children goes by fast. The Halloween years, roughly ages 2 - 12, when they want to dress up but before they think it is lame, are powerful in a child's life, and you cannot repeat them. For most of us, these same years are when we are most focused on earning income. The overlap of so many hours away from your children just when you can influence is brutal and challenging.

Working from home is one of the most powerful tools to gain time during those years.

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